Democracy in Developing Countries

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Democracy in Developing Countries by Mind Map: Democracy in Developing Countries

1. Appeal of Democracy

1.1. Many different forms of government exists, but few have been as successful as democracy

1.2. Due to the incredible economic growth in democratic countries, the appeal of this type of government draws in many developing countries

2. Democracy - The spread of democracy in the 20th century

3. More than one-third of the world's countries are under some sort of a democratic system.

4. Downfalls of Democracy

4.1. Democracy, when done correctly, is a beautiful system that gives the people a say in their government

4.2. Democracy makes each and every decision a process. It takes a long time for each law and rule to pass

4.3. Democracy also favors the majority so one's individual opinion sometimes irrelevant

5. Democracy established a government that allows the people to choose.

5.1. This style sets up rules that allow for an organized society, but still gives people the freedom to do as they please.

5.2. This increases the economy and creates a environment that encourages growth

6. 11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy