Ender Wiggin

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Ender Wiggin by Mind Map: Ender Wiggin

1. S.T.E.A.L

1.1. Says

1.1.1. Very smart, use the good words and with that control in some ways.

1.2. Thought

1.2.1. Inner battle about who he is.

1.3. Effect on others

1.3.1. Respect (most of battle school) or hatred (Bernard or Bonzo).

1.4. Actions

1.4.1. Greatest leader, not lost a battle in his army.

1.5. Looks

1.6. Read page 86 to 88 of Ender's Game

2. Symbols

2.1. Mirror

2.1.1. How he think of him or other truely.

2.1.2. photo

2.2. Serpent Kiss

2.2.1. Love can be stronger than violance

2.2.2. photo

2.3. Armies

2.3.1. Salamander Bonzo Vs Ender ; Opposite way of doing, and realtion with autority. To add on Salamander resit well to heat, and dragon spits out fire. They had to be ennemies. Bonzo Madrid

2.3.2. Rat A rat is small and viscious, it's like any other rat not special. They also learn quick ( Ender learned how to be a soldier) Rose de Noze

2.3.3. Phoenix A phoenix reborn from his ash. Ender was reborned he is know a toon leader respected. He is a new soldier. Petra Arkanian

2.3.4. Dragon A dragon is strong and respected. It's also unstopebel. Ender create an army that has all of those characteristics. Ender Wiggin

3. Leadership

3.1. Ender shows use the struggel it is to become a leader. It a lot of pain, and suffering. But not a physical one, but a mental one ( becoming a leader is very demanding ).

3.2. Leadership helps us understand the journey of Ender Wiggin. It’s an objective a final goal. The whole point of the story is to find the best leadership. The book asks the question What is a good leader?. Ender as to be in perfect balence. Good but not to good, Compassion but also ruthless. He needs to be right in the middle.

4. Growth

4.1. Lauchie

4.1.1. Good to understand others (socialy intelligent).

4.2. Slamander

4.2.1. He learned what not to do. (ex: use all the soldier because they all have potential).

4.3. Rat

4.3.1. Learn more about the battle (movement and techniques). Also made him have an idea of how a good army would be like by seing how Dink is alone with is toon (All the toon separated and arranged by toon Leader and not leader).

4.4. Phoenix

4.4.1. Learned to make toon movement, learned to manage a small group, give some orders.

4.5. Dragon

4.5.1. Learned to impose himself, that being a leader you need to be respected. LEarned the way of creating an army, and form up a soldier from scratch)

4.6. I.F

4.6.1. Best leader that has ever seen humanity.