Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy by Mind Map: Teenage Pregnancy

1. Poor Health Outcomes

1.1. financial strain

1.2. sleep loss

1.3. high blood pressure, low birth weight, infant mortality,etc.

2. High Stress Level

2.1. family disruption

2.1.1. family break up

2.2. poor mental health

2.2.1. dangerous behaviors

2.2.2. drug/alcohol use

3. Income Loss

3.1. financial stress

3.2. lack of child care

4. Time Loss

4.1. job loss

4.2. education disruption

4.3. relationship disruption

4.3.1. single parenthood

5. Unprotected Sex

5.1. lack of access to contraception

5.2. lack of sex education/ knowledge about birth control methods

5.2.1. insufficient education poverty

5.2.2. lack of role models

5.3. negative attitude about contraception

5.3.1. religious views

5.3.2. family views

5.4. low expectations for future

5.4.1. poor school experience bullying lack of social interaction

5.4.2. poor work experience

6. Rape and Lack of Consent

6.1. unhealthy relationships

6.1.1. abuse/neglect lack of self esteem Alcohol or drug use