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Coordinated Customer Service by Mind Map: Coordinated Customer Service
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Coordinated Customer Service

The purpose if this mindmap is to explore issues involved in coordinating customer services managed via traditional (e.g., call center/contact center) and new (e.g., social media and social networking) means. If you have comments or suggestions please contact Dennis D. McDonald at (web site:


Is the coordinated service operation totally new, or is it an existing service being supplemented?

Plan New Service?

If a new service is being planned, and a "clean slate" is possible, will available tools and processes allow for integrated development, testing, implementation and operation of a new service?   Or will new tools and techniques be needed?

Supplement Existing Service?


"Managing" refers to the day to day operations of the coordinated services. 


Are the same people involved in interacting with customers via "traditional" channels such as phone-based call center operations as well as web based channels such as blogs, discussion groups, or instant messaging?   How repetitive are the processes by which messages are received, evaluated, and responded to?


Are the same people who manage technology for call centers the same as the people who manage the technology for social media operations?   Are the systems used to support social media based customer service managed on the smae platforms as inhouse-managed toolsss supporting call cenetr operations?



Is it possible to compare the costs of providing customer service through different channels?


Is it possible to measure the impact using different channels has on customer service satisfaction?


Can a relationship be determined via revenue generated via traditional service channels via social-media-enabled service channels? Examples: - sale of follow on service and repair products and/or services - sale of new products and/or services? - sales to new as opposed to exsiting customers?


How strongly coupled should "traditional" and social media based services be coordinated?

Tightly Coupled?

TIGHTLY COUPLED: Policy, management, staffing, and technologies are unified and managed centrally.

Loosely Coupled?

LOOSELY COUPLED: POlicy and top management are coordinated, operations are separately staffed, systems are managed in coordinated fashion (e.g., business rules are agreed upon).


iNDEPENDENT: Product and service mix as well as systems and governance are independent of each other, or at most informally coordinated.