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setReaderApp by Mind Map: setReaderApp

1. Transform HTML article

1.1. Function sentence split will split text into sentences isolated in spans. Becouse of markup.

2. Set speech API

2.1. Create speak take HTML metadata in set browser speetch API on it.

3. Set aplication mode

4. Set user interface

4.1. Add event listener for every sentece. So form every sentece we are able to run next sentece

4.2. Set mode spinner. In futura app will have more modes. Article, presentation etc.

5. nextSentece

5.1. Get UI attribute of sentence

5.2. Kill previus recusrion

5.3. On attribute deside what happend next

6. readSentence

6.1. Get element inner text

6.2. Push text into setup speaker

6.3. Push speaker into browser synth

6.4. On end of text event (call back)