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Themes by Mind Map: Themes

1. Romantic relationships

1.1. Vân Ước

1.1.1. Has a crush on Billy Gardiner that transforms into love. From the start Vân Ước has always had a crush on Billy Gardiner. Through their relationship, Vân Ước doubts his feelings as they go through trials, such as their social groups and lifestyles. At the end they both confess their love to each other. When she lies to her parents about the party, this shows that she is willing to break the rules for Billy and when they sneak away together for their secret date, it shows she really believes he is worth the trouble.

1.2. Billy Gardiner

1.2.1. Gets to know Vân Ước and eventually falls in love with her.

1.2.2. Billy Gardiner had never really noticed Vân Ước until the day she made her wish. From then on he kind of gravitated around her and it wasn't long before he confessed his love for her. When Billy puts his phone away to talk to Vân Ước , this shows to her that she is more important than his training. When he lies to his parents and goes on a date with Vân Ước , this shows he doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just wants to be with her. Quotes - 'I wish the world would go away so I could spend some time with you' , 'I never new falling in love would be this - easy' and 'Despite your beauty's the least of the reasons I love you.'

2. Friendship

2.1. Jess

2.1.1. Is the best friend of Vân Ước and is there for emotional support. When she investigates Billy, this shows that she is cares enough about Vân Ước to make sure she likes a good guy. Quotes - 'One, I don't think it is the end. And, two you've never needed a boy to be happy, and you don't now' and ' So he can row very quickly? Big deal. He's not good enough for you.'

2.2. Vân Ước

2.2.1. Is the best friend of jess, and supports her with her sexuality. And spends a lot of time around her She hangs out with jess constantly, indicating that they enjoy each others company. They also talk about Vân Ước's personal encounters with Billy, showing that Vân Ước trusts her. Quote - 'Jess was a sharp-looking girl - and, more importantly, smart, funny and nice; plus, she was a human being who deserves his attention and his courtesy'

2.3. Michael

2.3.1. Is a friend with Vân Ước and stands up for her against Holly Stands up and takes the blame for Vân Ước when the camera prank is discovered, this shows that he cares for her place in the school. Quote - 'If you can forgive the cliché: I'd hate to see you getting hurt.'

3. Belonging at school

3.1. Enimies

3.1.1. Holly Puts up posters saying Vân Ước steals peoples clothes. This indicates that Holly doesn't like Vân Ước and wants to ruin her reputation. Quotes - 'Dishonesty isn't nice. But I guess its what you'd expect from a thief' and 'I spy stolen goods'

3.2. Friends

3.2.1. Michael He looks out for Vân Ước by taking the blame of the prank. Quotes - ' Ms King, I took the photograph' and 'I borrowed Vân Ước's camera, but she had no idea what I wanted to use it for.'

3.2.2. Lou She tells Holly off for calling Vân Ước a liar, showing that Lou cares about Vân Ước 's feelings and won't stand for Holly's harrassment Quote - 'SHE DIDN'T STEAL IT' and 'True, but your stuff's awesome, so, who knows?'

3.2.3. Sibylla Helps Vân Ước recover when she's crying in the toilet, showing that she wants her to feel better and she cares that she is upset Quote - 'The first thing we do is rip down what's on the board. And if Holly prints more and puts them back up we tell Ms King'

4. Career choices

4.1. Artist

4.1.1. Vân Ước The problem is her parents want her to be a Doctor. Quote -'She could see it, taste it, frame after delicious frame. Her dramatic, large-scale work of minutely beautiful things, the artsy yet fashionable crowd."

4.2. Unknown at this point

4.2.1. Billy Gardiner Parents want him to pursue a career as a 4th generation doctor Quote - 'I need better than okay to get into medicine. I'll be a fourth-generation doctor. I have a contribution to make! Supporting Panadol sales when I'm hungover isn't enough'

5. Study and performance issues

5.1. Billy Gardiner

5.1.1. His parents want him to work hard so he becomes a doctor and his father puts him through intense training so he can win his rowing races Quotes - 'My parents will kill me if I don't get a serious study this year' and 'Billy said his mother was mostly 'very disappointed' and it was left to his father to use the heavy artillery: Do you realise what you're giving up? Do you have any idea how many boys would kill for this opportunity? How dare you presume to walk away from a job half done!' etc

5.2. Vân Ước

5.2.1. Her parents want her to get the best education so she can have a good future ahead of her Quote ' A banging on the wall started. The sounds of too much fun had filtered into the land of do-your-homework-study-hard'