Self-care tips when you...

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Self-care tips when you... by Mind Map: Self-care tips when you...

1. Are depressed/lonely

1.1. Wrap up in a blanket and watch your favorite TV show

1.2. Write your feelings on a piece of paper and tear it up

1.3. Listen to music you find uplifting

2. Want to self-harm

2.1. Rub ice over where you want to hurt yourself

2.2. Stick sellotape or plaster on your skin then peel it off

2.3. Take a cold bath

3. Angry/restless

3.1. Rip up newspaper

3.2. Hit a pillow

3.3. Throw ice cubes in bath/sink so they smash

4. Are anxious/tense

4.1. Drink a hot beverage, focus on the taste and smell

4.2. Do a reality checklist (e.g. date and time, things seen in your surroundings)

4.3. Take a warm bath

4.4. Source:

5. Dissociate/space out

5.1. Drink a glass of ice water

6. Clap your hands and focus on the stinging sensation

6.1. Take 10 deep breaths, counting each one out loud

7. Chew on ginger or chili