CSR Through Laura's Brain

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CSR Through Laura's Brain by Mind Map: CSR Through Laura's Brain

1. Environment

1.1. Circular Economy

1.1.1. "Less Plastic, Better Plastic, No Plastic"

1.2. Triple Bottom Line

1.3. Some capital isn't owned by anyone but used by everyone

2. Society

2.1. High human development & low ecological impact

3. Companies

3.1. Employee Engagement

3.2. D&I

3.3. Corporate Philanthropy

3.3.1. Aligning with Business goals, allows for longevity w/ non-profit partners

3.3.2. Make larger impact partnering with fewer NP organizations

3.3.3. Investment in Society

4. Economy

5. UN SDGs

6. Make CSR a business case

7. Unconscious Bias is a real thing!

8. INTERDEPENDENCE: Globalization, Technology, & Climate Change


9.1. Always correlate back to mission & vision of organization

9.2. Stakeholders & Shareholds

9.3. Always correlate back to mission & vision of organization

9.4. Let's live off nature's income, not consume nature's capital

9.5. Set accountability benchmarks to reach goals

9.6. "Good practices in one area do not offset harm in another

9.7. Programs should create value to the organization

9.8. Buy-in must happen at the top

10. Business as a force for good

11. Industry Coalitions