BIK1093 - (English at The Workplace) Marketing Plan Mindmap

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1. Company Goals

1.1. Expand the company branches to the East side of Malaysia

1.2. Achieve the same level as the other business company such as Lazada and Shopee

1.3. Increase the potential customer by 30%

2. Competitors

2.1. Well-known business company such as Lazada and Shopee get the major attention for shopping center.

2.2. Still considered as the new company for beauty business and nutrition by local

3. Financial and Human Resources

3.1. Exceed the calculations from the past year by 40%.

3.2. Expected to meet the company's goal easily and faster.

4. Customer Service

4.1. To provide customers with the information they need, especially through AMWAY official website

4.2. To provide more on the new product of famous needs either for adults or kids

4.3. Focusing more on the adults and teenagers

4.4. Providing longer insurance to the new customers

5. SWOT analysis

5.1. Strengths

5.1.1. We focus on nutrition and skin care products as our customer are mostly teenagers who love to try beauty products.

5.2. Weaknesses

5.2.1. We give less attention to the other states so our product is not really well-known to the people.

5.3. Opportunities

5.3.1. We do not have any difficulties to send our product to the whole country even though our branches currently are only in Selangor, Wilayah Kuala Lumpur and Perak.

5.4. Threats

5.4.1. It will take longer time for our products to be delivered to the other states.

6. Timeline

6.1. Marketing plan will be launched and take effect approximately after almost a month.

6.2. The plan may be continue on as soon as it is approved from the higher-ups.

7. Business Review