College Planning Tip: LEVERAGE

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College Planning Tip: LEVERAGE by Mind Map: College Planning Tip: LEVERAGE

1. What is IT?

1.1. Another word for Credit

1.2. Uses someone elses money

1.3. When used right, can multiple the strength of your money

1.4. Often call "buying power"

2. Why is it IMPORTANT

2.1. Determines the cost of products purchased

2.2. Analyzes the Payment Characteristic traits of an individual

2.3. Price of services, not just related to credit

3. What this MEANS to kids

3.1. No credit is like bad credit

3.2. Establishing Credit can be costly

3.3. Without established credit, your kids will pay more

4. How can you help?

4.1. Establish credit for you children at a young age

4.2. do this by adding them as a signer on YOUR credit card

4.3. Be smart! Don't run up debt and ruin their credit

5. What if YOU have bad credit?

5.1. FIX IT!

5.2. Start pay8ing your bills on time

5.3. Use techniques to remove bad marks against you

5.4. Do debt counsel / credit repair

6. What if you don't know how?

6.1. Sign up for my free course