Interprofesssional Practice in Geriatric Hip Fracture Care

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Interprofesssional Practice in Geriatric Hip Fracture Care by Mind Map: Interprofesssional Practice in Geriatric Hip Fracture Care

1. System related attributes

1.1. What changes were percieved

1.2. How team members managed change working in an orthogeriatric care model

1.3. what were the atitudes and perceptions to to change

1.3.1. Current attitudes ad perceptions

1.3.2. When first started on team

1.3.3. What was the readiness or self assessment of IPP

1.4. Challenges to IPP

1.5. Enablers to IPP

2. Person attributes prior to joining the team

2.1. Previous IPE Training

2.2. Attutides and perception in previous practice regarding IPP

2.3. Level of experience,education, age

3. What was the Communication with the IP team at establishment of service or with new members joining

3.1. Guiding principles of IPP in context of hip fracture care (AHSQC, Hip fracture care standards)

3.2. About shared goals, expectations

3.3. about way to Collaborate

3.4. Effects of collaboration, outcomes so far

3.5. Core competency in IPP

3.6. Processes and pathways in the new care model

4. Cost effectiveness

4.1. Sustainability

4.2. ongoing maintanence with staff turnover

4.3. Patient centred

4.4. Organizational level

5. Perception of Professional Identity

5.1. Threats to current role

5.2. navigation of negative and positive effects on professional identities

5.3. managing conflict

5.4. Comparing to prior to joining the team

6. IPE

6.1. Opportunities to cultivate skills in Orthogeriatric Care

6.2. Barriers to organizing in a diverse team

6.2.1. Time

6.2.2. Location

6.2.3. Duration

6.3. Methods to facilitate ongoing education, skill development

6.3.1. Online modules

6.3.2. Education sessions

6.3.3. Workshops

6.3.4. Simulation

6.3.5. Targetting pre-qualifying professionals Barriers to synergise the teaching with different professionals and placements

7. Measuring effectiveness

7.1. Questionnaires regarding team work, identities, readiness for IPL, communication

7.2. Reflections

7.3. Interviews

7.4. Clinical outcomes

7.5. Financial outcomes

8. CALD- any difference in all above variables in this group

9. Cmparing the difference with other units