Points I need to improve

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Points I need to improve by Mind Map: Points I need to improve

1. Emotional Inteligence

1.1. Resilience

1.2. Understand the people

1.3. Control of emotions

1.4. Less Stress

1.5. Accept the changes or the orders inside and outside

2. Plan

2.1. Plan my activities

2.2. Plan the big tasks

2.3. Delegate to the right people

3. Comunication

3.1. Clear

3.2. Without aggression

3.3. Use the words correct

3.4. Correct argumentation

4. Work in team

4.1. Respect for differences

4.2. Help everyone, don´t select nobody

4.3. Put the right activities for the right people

5. Beliefs

5.1. Work and life

5.1.1. Think about and write

5.1.2. Limit my actions

5.1.3. Affect my Emotional Inteligence

6. Actions

6.1. Give more ideas

6.2. Give feedback to everyone

6.3. Stop to plan

6.4. Accept the differences