Characterization for Ender - Federico Faggioli

This is my Characterization for Ender in Ender's Game

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Characterization for Ender - Federico Faggioli by Mind Map: Characterization for Ender - Federico Faggioli

1. Armies- These different armies changed the way how Ender does things

1.1. Salamander

1.1.1. Ender had to follow orders and that made it so Ender couldn’t learn how to play the battle game properly.

1.2. Pheonix

1.2.1. When Ender was the toon leader in Phoenix army, he was respected a lot by everyone and he was top in the standings for 3 years. He then read a letter from “Valentine” and after reading it, he now knew why he hated life because he had no control over his own life. The game was the only thing that was left to him because he could make all of the calls in his toon.

1.3. Dragon

1.3.1. He then became the leader of the dragon army. He taught his soldiers how to be able to make their own calls because the Commander can’t always say things to one group and Ender has 5 toons so he made it so when he teaches on the first day, he is checking to see which people have the most potential so when they are toon leaders, they can make their own decision.

1.4. Rat

1.4.1. Rose de Nose told him to never use his table and he obeyed the order even though he couldn’t do his homework. He was assigned to Dink’s toon and Dink doesn't want Ender to stop his free time practices but Rose de Nose does. Then Dink said "They can order the moon to turn blue, too, but it doesn't happen. Listen, Ender, commanders have just as much authority as you let them have. The more you obey them, the more power they have over you.".

2. The Fantasy Game

2.1. When Ender gets to the End of the world, I think that that means that he is done with battle school and wants it to End so that he can have control over his life and do stuff that makes him happy.

2.2. I think that the fantasy game is a symbol because it's his reality like the playground, he can’t go on any of the rides so that means he isn’t a child anymore and if pretty much a person who can think about anything.

2.3. When he gets to the well, there are a bunch of wolfs that kill him. He goes back to the playground and hits a child by accident. The child then turns into a wolf and attacks Ender. He then kills all of the wolves and throws them into a river. Then the wolves start to dissolve in the water. I think that the children that turn into wolves symbolize that he can make a lot of friends but he doesn’t fully trust them. When they turn into wolves, that is when the children were actually traitors and that Enders judgment is sometimes right

2.4. When he is at the edge of the cliff, there are two choices and the first one is to go back and the second one is to jump off the cliff. I think that this means that there are choices that he cannot make because he doesn't have control over his life and that is why he hates life and decided to jump off of the edge of the cliff.

3. S.T.E.A.L

3.1. Speach

3.1.1. I think that when Ener speaks, he speaks in a way where he always goes for the best option so he can get the best results to what he wants.

3.2. Thought

3.2.1. I think that Ender thinks about the future and not about the present so he doesn’t really care about what is going on around the world.

3.3. Effects on Others

3.3.1. I think that the effect that Ender has on others is that he brings the most out of other people because he listens to all of them and can find out people’s weaknesses and make them improve.

3.4. Actions

3.4.1. The actions that Ender takes are all calculated and he knows what he is doing because he is always thinking and never takes his guard down. I think that this reveals that he is always ready to take on something because he always had to be ready when he gets home from school.

3.5. Looks

3.5.1. He’s such a hottie, the way he wins thoroughly, It's so sexy. The way he stares into peoples eyes with contempt, it's so hot. I never thought I would meet a man hotter than he is.