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Robots by Mind Map: Robots

1. made the life easier

1.1. able to teachers

1.1.1. getting more information and can be explained in lots of ways

1.2. clean our houses

1.2.1. sure that the house will be clean when ever you need

1.3. taking over the hard jobs

1.3.1. no needing to move allot

1.3.2. have happier life

1.3.3. constant more on your life and live the work for the robot

1.4. they can be used repetitively

2. robots taking over jobs & controlling the manufacturing

2.1. Companies save more money by using robots

2.1.1. economic has increased the counter will be known it will be more modern using more technology offering people a better life very fast and effective can easily perform routine work at very high speeds can work for 24/7

2.1.2. expensive to maintain not every body can offers them they need to be charged takes long time can be damaged

2.2. lots of people lost there jobs, are home less & no money to support there family's

2.2.1. this made a social problems more crime so that they can survive government had to support there people the Durham price has fell down governments have lost

3. k