Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones by Mind Map: Mobile Phones

1. Advantages

1.1. Entertainment

1.1.1. play music or videos

1.1.2. have games

1.1.3. take photographs

1.2. Connect to the Internet

1.2.1. inform us help to find timetable of transport read books, newspapers, "hot" news navigation system

1.2.2. educate us find information for our homework or work learn different languages

1.3. Connect us to our friends or family

1.4. Save our time!!!

1.4.1. text messaging

1.4.2. email is much faster than letters or postcards

1.5. Keeps documents

1.6. Phones are compact

2. Disadvanteges

2.1. Addiction

2.1.1. people forget about important activities(studies)

2.1.2. drift apart from close people and think about the mobile phone

2.1.3. play games

2.1.4. teens spend almost as much time on their mobile as they spend doing physical activity

2.2. Availability

2.2.1. good phones are so expensive

2.3. Phones can be very distracting

2.3.1. It is very dangerous to talk over the phone while driving.

2.3.2. Distract from homework,cleaning and other plans

2.4. Dangerous for people health

2.4.1. have radiation

2.4.2. psychological diseases

2.4.3. vision problems

2.4.4. people risk their lives for beautiful pictures

2.5. Instead of face-to-face communication

2.5.1. games create virtual reality

2.5.2. a lot of social networks for communication

2.6. Kill our time!!!