Transport problems

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Transport problems by Mind Map: Transport problems

1. Too many cars

1.1. Providing taxes

1.2. Increasing the number of car parks

1.3. Improving public transport

1.4. Widening the roads

2. Collisions

2.1. Providing fines

2.2. Providing speed limits

2.3. Tightening requirements for obtaining a driving license

2.4. Mandatory presence of videoregistrator

3. Public transport muddle

3.1. Watching the regular and frequent running

3.2. Restrictions regarding the amount of people inside a vehicle

3.3. Increasing the number of runs

4. Air pollution

4.1. Introducing eco-friendly cars

4.2. Prohibiting engines that produce excessive harmful emmisions

5. Fatalities and casualties

5.1. Tightening punishments for breaking the rules/the law

5.2. Thorough examining of a person's health and pshycological state