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Universities by Mind Map: Universities

1. the majority chose to spend their student years of Oxford and Cambridge or Harvard, Princeton and Yale

2. ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’

3. Admission

3.1. don't let just anyone in

3.2. Grades you take in the final years of secondary education are very important

3.3. in many countries people also have to do an entry test

3.4. most participants are in the 18–25 age group

4. Which one to go to

4.1. high-status institutions at the top

4.2. Britain tend to be the metropolitan ‘red brick’ universities slightly lower down the list.

5. Money

5.1. most students are given a loan which they have to pay back to the government

5.2. once they are in full-time employment, or they finance themselves

6. Where to live

6.1. attending a university in a town or city near to where they live is the only financially viable option

6.2. most rent a private home and share it with a few

7. Year out

7.1. some students take a gap year to relax and other things to do in their lives

7.2. if you want to study abroad, you usually get a year off to follow a language course

8. Teaching and learning

8.1. colleges

8.2. taking notes

8.3. to present a subject perhaps once a term and comment on it in tutorials

8.4. practical lessons and field trips which

9. How you are doing

9.1. examinations, either divided into Parts I and II or taken at the end of the course and known as Finals

9.2. Alternatively, continuous assessment and coursework

9.3. extended dissertation

10. Social life

10.1. a rich and varied social life`

10.2. Friendships

10.3. student union bar

10.4. fraternities and sororities encourage a similar bond

11. Life after university

11.1. the graduation ceremony

11.2. degrees from the Chancellor

11.3. they give the higher people advice for which they may be competent