Indifference and Inaction vs. Action

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Indifference and Inaction vs. Action by Mind Map: Indifference and Inaction vs. Action

1. Emotions make you a better person

1.1. In chapter 9, page 82, it states,“For the first time in his twelve years of life, Jonas felt separate, different.”

1.2. In the beginning of the book they tell you about how the nurturers cannot catch emotions for the children they take care of. Jonas is having true feelings and emotions instead of being indifferent and having no feelings/opinions whatsoever which allows Jonas to see that the communities ways are wrong.

2. Power Comes With Great Responsibilities

2.1. In chapter 9,page 86, it states, “From this moment you are exempted from rules governing rudeness. You may ask any question of any citizen and you will receive answers...You may lie.”

2.2. In the beginning of the book they introduce all the great responsibilities. that come with each assignment relating to it's amount of power. This shows that as Jonas’ new powerful position of ‘The Receiver’, he has the authority to lie and ignore most rules duets his newfound power. Jonas has the responsibility to not be inactive or indifferent. Now Jonas’ responsibilities are incredibly important.

3. Staying Silent Has Its Consequences

3.1. In chapter 1, page 6, it states, "His feelings were too complicated this evening. He wanted to share them, but he wasn’t eager to begin the process of sifting through his own complicated emotions…"

3.2. Jonas being silent (inactive) about sharing his true feelings could later result in problems that probably wouldn’t occur had he taken action and told how he was feeling at dinner time.

4. Everyone has the right to an Opinion

4.1. In Chapter 3, Pages 25-26: “Jonas himself and a female Five who he had noticed had the different, lighter eyes. No one mentioned such things...but was considered rude to call attention to things that were unsettling or different about individuals.”

4.2. In Chapter 4 it mentions how based on your age you have certain restrictions, but you have no opinion on these restrictions. This shows that Jonas is being controlled on what he can and cannot say. Later in the section Jonas realizes this act of indifference. This is an act of indifference because he’s forced to have a lack of opinion on himself or others.