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Sociology/Anthropology by Mind Map: Sociology/Anthropology

1. Existing

1.1. Homepage

1.1.1. About Blurb Major Requirments Creative Writing Minor Honors Program Fall Courses Winter Courses Spring Courses

1.1.2. Feature Stories

1.1.3. Department Announcements

1.1.4. Upcoming Events

1.1.5. Social Media Links

1.1.6. Contact Information

1.1.7. About the Department Sociology and Anthropology Degree Requirements Archaeology Minor Requirements Sociology and Anthropology Courses Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About SOAN Topics of Interest Our Alumni More Featured Alumni Anthropology Lab and Archaeological Collections Announcements

1.1.8. Faculty and Staff

1.1.9. Archaeology Minor Faculty and Staff Archaeology Minor Requirements

1.1.10. Archaeology at W&L

1.1.11. Opportunities for Students The John M. McDaniel Fund James G. Leyburn Scholars Program in Anthropology The Emory Kimbrough Jr. Fund The Emory Kimbrough Jr. Prize Honor Societies Field Experiences Work Study at the Anthropology Laboratory Study Abroad Programs Research Resources

1.1.12. Post-Graduate Opportunities

2. Proposed

2.1. Major in SOAN

2.1.1. Opportunity Statement

2.1.2. About the Major

2.1.3. Student Opportunities

2.1.4. Careers after W&L

2.1.5. Why I Teach

2.1.6. Sample Courses

2.1.7. Related Areas of Study

2.1.8. Today and Tomorrow

2.1.9. Meet Our Faculty

2.1.10. Open Faculty Positions

2.1.11. Courses and Requirements

2.1.12. Honors Program

2.1.13. Research Opportunities

2.1.14. Facilities and Resources

2.1.15. Contact Information

2.2. Minor in Archaeology

2.2.1. Opportunity Statement

2.2.2. About the Minor

2.2.3. Student Opportunities Scholarships and Awards Honor Societies Field Experiences Study Abroad

2.2.4. Careers after W&L

2.2.5. Why I Teach

2.2.6. Sample Courses Honors Thesis

2.2.7. Related Areas of Study

2.2.8. Today and Tomorrow

2.2.9. Meet Our Faculty

2.2.10. Open Faculty Positions

2.2.11. Courses and Requirements

2.2.12. Honors Program

2.2.13. Research Opportunities

2.2.14. Facilities and Resources

2.2.15. Contact Information

2.3. SOAN Department

2.3.1. Department Directory

2.3.2. For Students

2.3.3. For Faculty

2.3.4. Department News

2.3.5. Department Events

2.3.6. Department Announcements

3. Legend

3.1. Page

3.2. Content Block

3.3. Section Heading

3.4. Embedded Link

3.5. Variable Content