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tourism by Mind Map: tourism

1. theories

1.1. latin theory: "the activity carried out by people who are traveling and who also intend to return to their usual location"

1.2. saxon theory: it was believed then that the nobles must travel to different kingdoms to acquire knowledge that is useful when governing

1.3. aramaic theory: the term tourism is not derived from the Latin language but from ancient Aramaic the tour was used for travel, exploration and to move people.

1.4. onomastic theory: considers that the origin of the concept of tourism does not come from a linguistic root, but is linked to a surname of the French. Aristocracy - of the tour

2. movement of foreigners

2.1. in began in the twentieth cenury tourism" is the transit of people, who are temporarily absent from their usual location to please the cultural demands or personal desires

3. socio-economic approach

3.1. second half of the twentieth century. mass tourism socio-economic phenomenon resulting from changes that emerged after the Second World War

3.2. tourism: "set of human interactions, transportation, lodging, services, and entertainment, with various purposes"

3.3. IUOTO defined tourism as: "the sum of the relationships and services resulting from a change of temporary residence and not motivated by any company or professional"

4. WTO approach

4.1. Tourism concept in 1991:

4.2. "involves the activities of people who travel and are in places outside their usual environment for more than a consecutive year in order to enjoy their free time, business or other"