How Trade Routes Connected Regions.

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How Trade Routes Connected Regions. by Mind Map: How Trade Routes Connected Regions.

1. Religion

1.1. The Indian Ocean Trade Routes allowed for the religions of Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism to spread throughout the region. Merchants and pilgrims traveled along these routes and shared their religions and influenced other people to practice the same religions. This allowed for these religions to be spread throughout Africa the Middle East and Asia.

1.2. The Spread of Religion also resulted in the spread of Language as many people had to take-up a new language in order to practice the new religions.

2. Commodities and Art

2.1. The Americas gained many commodities from Europe like livestock and many valuable crops that were not accessible in the Americas.

2.2. The Indian Ocean had access to many commodities that they were able to share with people in places as far as Rome. The Indian Ocean Merchants resold and bought items from Rome sharing Roman commodities throughout the Indian Ocean.

3. Language

3.1. European Trade Routes allowed Scandinavian language to influence other languages throughout Europe. Many Europeans languages have Scandinavian roots.

3.2. The Merchants from the Silk Road had many interactions with the people of Mecca because of the spices that they possessed This resulted in the use of Arabic being more common among the trading cities along the Silk Road.

4. Technological Advancements

4.1. The Islamic empire was very successful and its technological advancements were shared with other cultures. Their building techniques were often the inspiration for other buildings in different parts of the world.

4.2. In the Americas most of the Trade routes were roads that went through forests and over mountains. This made it easier for merchants to travel from place to place without having to travel by sea and not have access to trading ports that are more inland.

5. Culture

5.1. Culture From Europe was able to spread to the Americas as aspects of European culture like toolmaking, Domestication of Plants and Animals and Hunting became aspects of American culture.

5.2. India influenced many other cultures throughout the Indian Ocean. Indian culture traveled to China and Greece. These other cultures adopted aspects of Indian culture.