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Aztecs by Mind Map: Aztecs

1. technology

1.1. they made the drill

1.1.1. they made ullamaliztli they made woden cloth

1.2. they made jewelry

1.2.1. they made sculptures they made mosaic

2. religion

2.1. they believe in 5 gods

2.1.1. they believe in mesoamericans

3. agricultural practices

3.1. corn husks

3.1.1. vegetables

4. goverment

4.1. huey tlatoani

4.1.1. At the top of society was the all-powerful ruler known as the Great Speaker.

5. social structure

5.1. the strict social

5.1.1. The Aztecs treated their leader almost like a god.

5.1.2. royal family

5.1.3. nobles