Great Crash impact on the USA

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Great Crash impact on the USA by Mind Map: Great Crash impact on the USA

1. Stock market crashed

2. America invested billions of dollars into the New York Stock Exchange

3. The money was soon all lost and sent America into the Great Depression

4. This was the deepest long lasting economic drop in history

5. In 1929 the US stock market reached its peak and attracted many investors

6. As the stock market rose unemployment began to take place

7. Due to unemployment stock was left in excess of its real value

8. Markets and jobs began to have low wages

9. Large banks loads were given but soon could not be liquidated

10. Billions of dollars were lost wiping out many investors

11. Stock tickers ran hours behind because the machines couldn't handle the massive amounts of trade going on

12. By 1933 nearly all banks would fail

13. Unemployment was reaching 15 million people

14. Franklin Roosevelt was called into action and called for relief and reform measures

15. The US wouldn't officially turn around until after WW11

16. October 29 1929 is when stocks collapsed completely

17. Bankers attempted to stabilize the market by investing large amounts of blocks into the market

18. As the wages went down crimes rates began to rise

19. Prices began to fall and industry began to lose money

20. The American people of 1929 had no help in case of emergencies

21. The Great Depression

22. No financial safety nets

23. Mass Migration was taking place

24. The Dust Bowl a time where mass migration and poverty took place withing the poeple

25. People would migrate over to the state of Oklahoma

26. Higher education became out of reach for most Amercians

27. Families lives were changing and people had to work long jobs on farms and such things

28. Many people migrated to California for farming

29. William Z. Foster described the Communist party during the Depression

30. Socialist party's believed the government can save the people

31. Political ideas began to change

32. America lost most of its revenue and couldn't participate in world trade