English - Sweatshops

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Sweatshops by Mind Map: Sweatshops

1. Nike's employees in Indonesia, for example, receive free health care and meals in addition to their wages (Jones, 1996).


2.1. underage workers

2.2. Unsafe working conditions

2.3. Below the average minimum wage pay

2.4. Long work hours


3.1. Elevate out of poverty

3.2. Unemployment decrease

3.3. Half of the countries it results in earning more than three times the national average

3.4. Decrease in girls being sold off

3.5. Girls’ school enrollment rates were 38.6% higher

3.6. Taxable wages to help rebuild the area

3.7. Best alternative.. alternatives: stone crushing, prostitution

4. Sweatshops make poor people better off

5. http://nebula.wsimg.com/1832f781f5a58691f607296ca94f22c9?AccessKeyId=B292FE55DF6AE1C4A636&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

6. Powell argues, "In 1993, U.S. Senator Tom Harkin introduced the Child Labor Deterrence Act, which would have banned imports from countries employing children. In response, Bangladeshi garment companies fired approximately 50,000 children that fall." (as cited in Hunter, B., 2018, para. 6)

6.1. Reason #1: Sweatshops & Pros of Sweatshops

6.2. Reason #2: Cons of Sweatshops

6.3. Reason #3: Calling for Change .. better conditions/pay w/o calling for demise of sweatshops

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8. Thesis Statement: It is unfair for developed countries, such as the United States, to push for the demise of sweatshops in developing countries due to the alternatives we have. Instead, we must take a walk in their shoes and consider the alternatives they face.