Umayyad Dynasty

Practices introduced during Umayyad Dynasty that contradicts with the earlier period

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Umayyad Dynasty by Mind Map: Umayyad Dynasty

1. School of Hadith is a continuation of approach by the companion of the Prophet with the virtue to avoid contradicting of texts thus, the extensive reliance on hadith which was centred in Madinah.

2. There is two different approaches in the deducing of fiqh which is through the School of Hadith and School of Opinion

3. School of Opinion is an approach which has extensive reliance on the opinion in deducing rulings of fiqh which was centred in Iraq

4. There is extensive reference to the sunnah of the Prophet (s. a. w.) in resolving issue of fiqh

5. Had own way of interpretation – rejection of most caliphs

6. Introduced taxes not sanctioned by Islam – to increase personal fortune

7. Hereditary of kingship – loss of Syura practice

8. False saying and action began to be attributed to the prophet (s. a. w.) for the first time.

9. Development of Fiqh

9.1. Issues related to fiqh & ijtihad

9.1.1. Not all scholars were equal in their knowledge

9.1.2. Unanimous agreement became virtually impossible between the scholars

9.1.3. Different scholars followed different methodologies in resolving the issues of fiqh

9.2. Spreading and Fabrication of Hadith

9.2.1. Positive impact

9.2.2. Negative impact

9.3. The Emergence of the School of Hadith (Madrasah Ahl Al-Hadith) and School of Opinion (Madrasah Ahl Al-Rai’)

10. Contradicting Practices

10.1. Division of the ummah

10.1.1. Numbers of sects and factions appear

10.2. Deviation of Umayyad Caliphs

10.2.1. Baitulmal became personal property of caliphs

10.3. Dispersion of Ulama

10.3.1. evolution of mazhab

10.4. Fabrication of Hadith

10.4.1. false sayings and actions of prophet started to spread out- incorrect fiqh evolved

10.4.2. Entertainment in court – music, dancing girls Introduced many contradictings practices