Management Ethics

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Management Ethics by Mind Map: Management Ethics

1. Ethics and Business

1.1. Morality

1.1.1. standards that individual or a group has about what is wrong or right, good or evil

1.2. Moral Standards

1.3. Non-moral standards

1.4. Corporate Social Responsibility

1.4.1. corporations' responsibilities toward society

1.5. Globalization

2. Ethical Principle in Business

2.1. Utilitarianism

2.1.1. what is morally wrong is right

2.2. Concept of right

2.2.1. individual's entitlement to something

2.3. Justice

2.3.1. Distributive

2.3.2. Retributive

2.3.3. Compensatory

3. The Business System

3.1. Economic System

3.1.1. Traditional Based Societies

3.1.2. Command Economy

3.1.3. Market Economy

3.1.4. Mixed Economy

3.2. Free Market

3.2.1. Free Trade

3.3. Locke's State of Nature (free and equal with government)

3.4. John Maynard Keynes

3.4.1. household business government

4. Ethics in Marketplace

4.1. perfect competition

4.1.1. more seller

4.2. pure monopoly

4.2.1. one seller

4.3. oligopoly

4.3.1. a fer seller

5. Ethics and Environment

5.1. The relationship between humans and the natural world and how and why we make decision about the environment.

5.1.1. Production a product that is harmful for consumer tobacco nuclear energy

5.1.2. Polution air land

5.1.3. water

6. Ethics of Job Discrimination

6.1. types of discrimination

6.1.1. intentional

6.1.2. unintentional

6.1.3. individual

6.1.4. institutional

7. Ethics and Employee

7.1. Conflicts of Interest

7.1.1. Minor & serious conflict can lead to disloyalty of employee

7.2. Job risks

7.3. Gifts & Entertainment

7.3.1. used as reward & encourage certain behavior from employees

7.3.2. can result in conflict of interest

7.3.3. but some considerations may be considered while judging the ethics of gifting

7.4. Employee right to privacy

7.5. Whistle blowing

7.5.1. act of going public with significantly immoral or illegal acts of an organization one is part of

8. Ethics of Consumer Production & Marketing

8.1. Market approach to consumer protection

8.1.1. Safety commodity that shoould not be mandated by government

8.1.2. Seller will provide safety if consumer demand it

8.2. Manufacture's Duties in Due care Theory

8.2.1. Designing product

8.2.2. Production

8.2.3. Marketing