What it takes to be successful in starting a new venture

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What it takes to be successful in starting a new venture by Mind Map: What it takes to be successful in starting a new venture

1. Finding and attacking a problem before your competition even notices the problem

1.1. Customers will come knocking

1.2. Gives you a competitive advantage

2. Get help from experienced, qualified people

2.1. They know what they are doing

2.1.1. Therefore they can help you

2.2. They can lessen any mistakes

2.3. Saves you time and money

3. Design with mockups in mind

3.1. Know what you vision is, sometimes it is not obvious and be able to explain it

3.2. Can save you time and money

3.3. You have to be able to put your ideas on paper

4. Build a live interactive system

4.1. Start the design first, hire the designer last

4.2. Know what you want certain things to look like before spending big money

5. Form a team

5.1. You can bounce off ideas from them

5.1.1. Creativity increases

5.2. Get support from the right kind of people

6. Do not pursue big problems alone

6.1. It will take too much time

6.2. Get help if you need it, find a co-founder

6.2.1. Find someone you trust and has experience

7. Better to observe sometimes

7.1. You can learn from competitors mistakes

8. Make sure you have enough money

8.1. To do what you want

8.2. To be financially secure if something were to happen

8.3. To pay employees

9. Have a good design

9.1. Makes your company more appealing

9.2. Gets people to trust you more

10. Build tools that will make people lives easier

10.1. Categorizing data

10.2. Automatic edits

10.3. Giving immediate gratification