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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Existing

1.1. Homepage

1.1.1. About Blurb Music Major Music Minor K-12 Music Education License Fall Courses Winter Courses Spring Courses

1.1.2. Feature Stories

1.1.3. Department Events

1.1.4. Department Announcements

1.1.5. Request Information Banner

1.1.6. Follow Us

1.1.7. Contact Information

1.1.8. About the Department Polyphony Advice for Prospective Music Students & Majors Music Major Music Minor Applied Music Course Offerings Calendar Facilities Department FAQ Long-Range Plan The W&L Promise

1.1.9. Faculty and Staff

1.1.10. Ensembles University Orchestra University Jazz Ensemble University Wind Ensemble Chamber Ensembles University Singers Catatrici (Women's Choir) Men's Glee Club Student Groups

1.1.11. Choral Music Groups About the Conductor Conductor Mentorship Program

1.1.12. Concert Series

1.1.13. Prospective Students Submit a Portfolio Music Honors Weekend

2. Proposed

2.1. Music at W&L

2.1.1. Opportunity Statement

2.1.2. About the Major

2.1.3. About the Minor

2.1.4. Student Opportunities Ensembles Concert Series Conductor Mentorship Program K-12 Music Education License Applied Music Lessons Touring Opportunties

2.1.5. Careers after W&L

2.1.6. Why I Teach

2.1.7. Sample Courses

2.1.8. Concert Schedule

2.1.9. Today and Tomorrow

2.1.10. Meet Our Faculty

2.1.11. Courses and Requirements

2.1.12. Research Opportunities

2.1.13. Facilities and Resources

2.1.14. FAQ

2.1.15. Music Honors Weekend Submit a Portfolio

2.1.16. Contact Information

2.2. Music Department

2.2.1. Department Directory

2.2.2. For Students Advice for Prospective Music Students and Majors Department FAQ Course Offerings Facilities

2.2.3. For Faculty

2.2.4. Open Faculty Positions

2.2.5. Department News

2.2.6. Department Events

2.2.7. Department Announcements

2.2.8. Long-Range Plan

3. Legend

3.1. Page

3.2. Content Block

3.3. Section Heading

3.4. Embedded Link

3.5. Variable Content

3.6. Link to Other Site