4.3.2 New Deal

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4.3.2 New Deal by Mind Map: 4.3.2 New Deal

1. Huey long provided reforms for the poor during the Depression

2. Charles E. Coughlin established the National Union for Social Justice

3. Francis Townsend proposed the old age pension that helped establish the Social Security Act

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt established the New Deal to try to save America from Depression

5. America invested to much money into stock and it soon all the money became lost and the Great Crash occurred

6. Unemployment began and people were living on the streets and business were closing

7. The Great Depression began in 1929

8. The Supreme court and other politicians attempted to oppose the New Deal because it was unfair towards the rich and other state governments

9. The New Deal's ideas were in the begging popular but as time went on and more people opposed FDR became hated by many people

10. Roosevelt responded by getting rid of the plan in order to try to win the 1936 election

11. Roosevelt proposed the Second New Deal to attempt to save America from Depression