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GRADE by Mind Map: GRADE

1. Regular Polygons

2. Circle

2.1. Applicative problems with Circumference

2.2. Create beautiful models for stained glass, jewelery,....

3. Coordinate plane

3.1. game idea

3.2. glass window

4. Area with trigonometry

5. Problems with equations

6. Some examples of linear function from real life

7. Axial symmetry

8. idea for tasks - according to collaboration among students (KatarinaI)

8.1. every teacher makes tasks for THEIR students and present solutions in TwinSpace

8.2. students from different countries work on the same tasks that all teachers made together

8.3. from every school, students with their teacher, make tasks for students from some other school - we make table so for every proposed task we have school who created it and school that decided to solve it

8.4. students organized in school teams work together in order to finish some tasks.

8.5. we make international groups of students; they work together and need to make presentation, poster, etc. so they could present their solutions

9. Pythagorean theorem

10. We have: 5 weeks of project (as for the geometry tasks) / 5 types of collaboration / 5 letters in word GRADE... how are we going to organize TwinSpace?; maybe to use math topics listed above