Student exhibiting Behaviour problem Why?


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Student exhibiting Behaviour problem Why? by Mind Map: Student exhibiting Behaviour problem Why?

1. SocioEconomic factors

1.1. hunger, housing situation, no sleep, student could work many hours outside of school to contribute income. Could all be displayed at school via inattentiveness, anger, exhaustion.

2. Language/communication processing challenges

2.1. speech challenges, auditory challenges. These could lead to challenges at school where students are unable to express their needs, or follow directions which can be misunderstood as not paying attention, carelessness. Examples of this could be students who are deaf/blind, students with speech impediments, some students who are non verbal (autism).

3. Social skill deficits

3.1. Lacking the skills to share with peers, take turns with talking, respecting others opinions, personal space and reading social body language cues.

4. Motor skill issues

4.1. fine and gross motor skills such as writing with a pencil, typing on a keyboard, walking, running etc. These challenges may affect a students ability to keep up with their peers and the pacing of the class. Can lead to frustration, anger, sadness---> which in turn can lead to acting out or not doing anything at all.

5. Cultural differences

5.1. Cultural norms at home/outside of school may not match the school setting. Some students may appear rude, disrespectful, scared, quiet, disengaged, disobedient.

6. Learning disabilities or Curriculum mismatch

6.1. reading, writing, mathematical, organization, basic life skills challenges. LD is such a broad designation that can have many different outputs. When a LD has gone un diagnosed, students may appear disinterested, frustrated, not engaged, careless.

7. Self reg/temperament/medical issues

7.1. impulsiveness, quick to anger, anxiety, depression. Students may be "hands on" with other students, or escalate to violence. Some students may show these behaviours at school when faced with challenges they struggle with.

8. Social challenges with peers, Adaptations/Modifications may help, Behaviour plan and/or IEP creation.