Graphics for learning

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Graphics for learning by Mind Map: Graphics for learning

1. 1. Introduction

1.1. About this course

1.2. Graphics in our history

1.3. Do I need to be good at drawing?

1.4. The science, Dual Coding theory

2. 2. Getting Started

2.1. Creating graphics with your phone

2.2. Post your graphics

2.3. Activity ideas for your learners

3. 3. Illustrating concepts

3.1. How to illustrated concepts via graphics?

3.2. The tool is not important, ideas are

3.3. How to test the efficacy of your graphics?

3.4. Activity, Creating a visual summary

3.5. Activity ideas for your learners

4. 4. Illustrating data

4.1. Visualising data with help of graphics

4.2. Graphics for context

4.3. Designing for accessibility

5. 5. Extending your learning

6. 6. Assignment