Pedagogical mediations in ELT

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Pedagogical mediations in ELT by Mind Map: Pedagogical mediations in ELT

1. School

1.1. As a main agent in the formation of people's authonomy.

1.1.1. Argumentative skills Discernment Judgement Analysis

1.1.2. The use of language

2. Relations

2.1. Power

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. by means of language

2.2.2. system of signs

2.2.3. another symbolic mean

3. Intentions of speech

3.1. Language as a tool

3.2. Archeology of knowledge

3.2.1. Foucault

3.2.2. Untangle of announcement

3.2.3. voices in the speech

3.2.4. objects in charge

3.2.5. conditions

3.2.6. Relations with other speeches and institutions

4. Colombian educational context - pedagogical dispositive

4.1. Favelic conditions (analogy)

4.1.1. Stratification

4.1.2. 3 types of "Freedom"

4.1.3. Regulated

4.1.4. Monitored

4.1.5. Controlled

5. Thought as a superior pathology

5.1. Different thinking is creative

5.2. Gilles Deleuze

5.2.1. "Perverso, problemático, poético y paradójico"

5.3. Trilogical relationship

5.3.1. Ideas "Provienen de los conceptos, de las nociones o productos discursivos."

5.3.2. Questions "Giros de pensamiento"

5.3.3. Events "Contrario a lo cotidiano"

5.4. Role of the teacher

5.4.1. "ignidor" The one who ignates the fire, that fuels it, that turns on and maintains the passion for knowledge.