How to Grow Your Organization by Expanding Everyone's Leadership Capacity

We assume that doubling up on outreach and marketing will grow our organization, but the greatest investment we can make is leadership development.

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How to Grow Your Organization by Expanding Everyone's Leadership Capacity by Mind Map: How to Grow Your Organization by Expanding Everyone's Leadership Capacity

1. Basic Assumptions About Leadership

1.1. Leadership is THE greatest factor in the health and growth of any organization.

1.2. When a leaders grows, people around the leader grow.

1.3. When an organization equips leaders well, the organization is ready to grow.

2. Organizational Growth Through Leadership Development

2.1. Growth from the Outside => In (We assume that doubling up on our outreach efforts will increase the size and effectiveness of our organization.)

2.1.1. Marketing

2.1.2. Outreach

2.1.3. Sales

2.1.4. Attendance

2.2. Growth from the Inside => Out (The reality is, when you double up on leadership development, people are "bought in" and the organization grows.)

2.2.1. Expand laterally - when you create more space, more leaders climb and emerge

2.2.2. Use and develop teams rather than single leaders only

2.2.3. Lead through conversations into which you can invite leaders with potential

2.2.4. Notice and relate to, empower, and coach emerging leaders

2.2.5. Convey a sense of ownership - this is OUR mission, this is YOUR mission, you own it!

3. People Development

3.1. Cast a big vision - leadership is influencing people to move somewhere.

3.2. Create a great culture - a safe place for connection and growth.

3.3. Cultivate the very best in people - tune in, instigate and support dreaming.

3.4. Capture and elevate the best leaders, even if you elevate them beyond you.

3.5. Manage well and communicate thoroughly.

4. Self-Leadership

4.1. When YOU grow, you make THINGS grow.

4.2. The BIG perspective on you

4.2.1. What's your personal mission for life?

4.2.2. What's your personal vision for your life?

4.2.3. What are your guiding values?

4.2.4. What's your plan for getting there?

4.2.5. What's your best next step? Education Coaching Job Change or Business Pursuit

4.3. The DAILY path to growth (Great leaders are made daily, not in a day.)

4.3.1. Getting Up (Prayer, Meditation, Journaling, Study, Affirmations)

4.3.2. Taking In (Books, Magazines, Blogs, Podcasts, Membership Communities)

4.3.3. Giving Out (Leading, Coaching, Mentoring, Managing, Empowering, etc.)