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Retro 26.04 by Mind Map: Retro 26.04

1. Some services trigger multiple Jenkins builds on merging changes, this clutters up the build log and also hogs the single Jenkins slave for other services that might want to deploy and they're stuck on waiting for the multiple builds to time out.

2. Stop doing

2.1. Don't create pull request with failing unit tests.

2.2. don't do big tasks, such as LSLCMRG-1287 <BackEnd> Implement /authorise scenarios for all items and actions (27 endpoints) it's must be separated to smaller

2.3. Again stop being ill

2.4. Take to much responsibility for our team

3. Action Items?

4. what we can improve

4.1. Communication with Other teams

4.2. can we get Idevelopment of IVR tasks on us, if just we can test them?

4.3. we need to Jenkins build for running autotests by schedule

4.4. license for web strorm

5. What was good

5.1. Good weather

5.2. We have needed admin rights to create VPN users, admin access to most resources

6. There should be an easier way to rebuild all services at once on Dev/Test environments.