Aspiration: Profile BNL preferred area explorative ED / translational med studies.

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Aspiration: Profile BNL preferred area explorative ED / translational med studies. by Mind Map: Aspiration: Profile BNL preferred area explorative ED / translational med studies.

1. Forums / governance to influence initiative

2. Potential Stakeholders


2.1.1. ID&V Jacques Bollekens / Jeroen Aerssens Biomarkers

2.1.2. DS Bart VNH Readiness cohorts Pro-active identification patients based on health records

2.1.3. Maikel Raghoebar (CPU)

2.1.4. Erik Present (AM)

2.1.5. NS Jan Jenssen Egebjerg - neurodegeneration ED Simon Lovestone UK Biobank Biomarkers Diderik Maarten Timmers / Luc V Nueten Previous Successful partners? Previous unsuccessful partners?

2.1.6. ONCOLOGY B. Bruyninckx - GCDO Ulrike Phillipar - Disc. Biology Peter Hellemans - Clin. Pharmacol? Tine Casneuf - Biomarkers

2.1.7. Vaccines Hanneke Schuitemaker via Nynke

2.1.8. IMMUNOLOGY Cécile Spiertz Mo Lamfkanfi?

2.1.9. PDMS Peter Pruuost

2.1.10. Legistlation Paul Korte ED translation med


2.2.1. CPUs SGS - Bel Stuivenberg Jan Palfijn Merksem CHDR - Leiden Commercial phase I unit

2.2.2. Universities

3. Scope

3.1. TA focus

3.1.1. ED Onco

3.1.2. Vaccines

3.1.3. NS

3.2. Initial: Phase 0 until Phase II Proof of relevance

3.2.1. To be further refined after interviews TAs & prioritization.

4. Assumptions & contraints

5. Objectives

5.1. Objective#1: Identify & analyse JBENE strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats within ED space (Phase 0 - Phase II proof of relevance) for next 1-3 years

5.1.1. Map internal stakeholders with decision making power / budget to get buy in. Strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities & roadblocks? Needs? Collaborations? - Lessons learned Projects in pipeline Call for Core team to Bert GCDO - Maikel CPU - J. Bollekens representative - Vaccines Hanneke

5.1.2. Mapping external landscape ED Phase 0 - Phase II proof of relevance CPUs capabilities - where focus ED space Hospitals - where focus ED space - innovative concepts Academic centra Support for Alliance management to bridge towards these organizations? - Shape certain initiatives?

5.2. Objective#2: Prioritize on max 2-3 challenges identified in obj#1 in collaboration of core team, AM

5.2.1. Set priorities taken into account multiple factors Lessons learned internal collaborations Competing initiatives - efforts should complement or support existing efforts JBENE Common interests for > 1 TA is an asset Feedback alliance mgt about inputs BNL ecosystem (academic centers;

5.3. Objective#3 Testing innovative tools / Profile innovative culture

5.3.1. Support JCI with pilot studies

5.3.2. Expected results / acceptance criteria

5.3.3. Profile innovative culture Kiss & Kill trials CHDR CPU Merksen

6. "SWOTs" BNL ecosystem

6.1. Opportunities

6.1.1. facilitating Legislation To be changed? - Nynke Follow up Paul Korte?

6.1.2. Mindset/ willingness PI

6.1.3. proximity universities/ biotechs, CPUs

6.1.4. Patient data access

6.2. Strenghts

6.2.1. JBENE capabilities Discovery / ED / PDMS

6.3. Weakness

6.4. Threats