How Heather works

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How Heather works by Mind Map: How Heather works

1. Anxiety

1.1. My score indicate that i have normal anxiety

2. The big 5 Project

2.1. Open-mindedness

2.1.1. I'm Somewhat conventional. I was scored in the 37% tile, I tend to be down to earth.

2.2. Conscientiousness

2.2.1. I'm neither organized or disorganized. I could agree to this. I scored in the 43% tile. My work environment is extremely clean although look in my car and you see a whole other side

2.3. Extraversion

2.3.1. I scored rather high in this area. I happen to work in the hospitality industry. I love to be able to connect, serve, and give! I am in the high 83% tile.

2.4. Agreeableness

2.4.1. In the line of work in choosing to do i believe this suites me very well. I ranked in the 95% tile meaning I'm very good-natured, courteous, forgiving,sympathetic,and supportive.

2.5. Negative Emotionality

2.5.1. This kind of surprised me with four kids,school, and work i don't feel relaxed. Although those are just circumstances. I scored in the 29% tile on this one.

3. Collage students Stressful EVENT checklist

3.1. WOW a My score was 482!!! I've had a very trying semester. I really have learned to manage my stress. I had a rough life. Life is always going to have events that happen it's all about how you handle them.

4. E.A.S temperament

4.1. Emotionality

4.1.1. Fearfulness was on the higher side .

4.1.2. Distress was fairly normal levels

4.1.3. Anger was a little higher than I expected. I feel as though I take things lightly little things make me react in a bad way.

4.2. Activity when i need to get things done I don't have a problem but i do have trouble being active consistently.

4.3. Sociability 4.5

5. BioFeedback

5.1. Turquoise is where I kind of lived while doing my daily routine.I went to try on wedding dresses that when it was Violet. Mainly the only time it turned black was while driving. While eating it was in the middle of blue and turquoise.

6. Why I might want Children

6.1. Well I already have children. This opened my eyes a little. If I answered this before kids it would've looked more like i didn't want any children. I love my kids and step kids. They really open your eyes on how innocent little humans are . The main thing about parenting is there isn't a guide book. There's a whole lot of suggests and advice but no book at times you have no idea if your doing a good job.

7. Depression

7.1. I scored a total of 12 in this area. It appears that I'm experiencing mild depression. I believe most of it Ptsd. I have gone through a lot in life. Although i believe in the power of being positive and mind control. Teaching my brain this stuff was circumstantial and i control my future. Talking about it and time also has helped.

8. Hostel heart

8.1. My heart is finally at peace for the most part. I scored a 5 saying not angry.

9. Body Image

9.1. My body image had never been the best although as i get older I realize that my Character counts. i scored a 16, I still struggle with body image mainly due to my weight.

10. Sensation Seeking

10.1. I'm totally a person who sensation seeks. Unfortunately I was taught at a young age this. I've worked on this and have seen improvement although I still tend to think in this manner often.

11. Desirability

11.1. Not very surprising I scored high on this meaning i like to in control!!

12. Implicit Associations Self Assessment

12.1. Arab and Muslims I had little to no preference between Arab-Muslims

12.2. It's so odd to see that you have a slight preference to other when you feel as if you're not bias. I have a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African Americans.