EVOLUTION: Organisms Change Over Time

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EVOLUTION: Organisms Change Over Time by Mind Map: EVOLUTION:  Organisms Change Over Time

1. NATURAL SELECTION:Result from Sexual Reproduction (mixing of genes) & Mutations

2. Environment (changes in env.): Humans (ex. hunting) or Invasive Species

3. Types of Environmental Factors: Temperature, Natural Disaster

4. Darwin’s Theory and mechanism that drives evolution: Organisms with traits that best fit their environment will reproduce & pass on those traits

5. Genes are expressed as: Phenotypes/Physical Traits, Genes / DNA

6. Adaptations: Develop from genetic changes & traits in populations that help an organism survive (NEVER arise out of need)

7. Biotic Factor & Abiotic Factor, Variation and Diversity of Genes : Biological component of organisms that can change due to mutation