Prescription drug abuse in Long Island, NY

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Prescription drug abuse in Long Island, NY by Mind Map: Prescription drug abuse in Long Island, NY

1. Shareholders

1.1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

1.1.1. Doctors receive payments from pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs Overprescribed to patients who become addicted

1.2. Insurance Companies

1.2.1. who profit from the addiction and overuse of drugs

2. Psychosocial and Socioeconomic factors

2.1. high availability of disposable income

2.2. Due to Peer Pressure

2.2.1. because peers/family members abuse of drugs

2.3. provides Stress\pain relief

2.3.1. but becomes addictive

2.3.2. due to sedative effect

3. Health Issues

3.1. Cardiovascular

3.1.1. heart disease, collapsed veins, sepsis, HIV/AIDS

3.2. Respiratory

3.2.1. respiratory depression death

3.3. GI

3.3.1. Malnutrition, constipation

3.4. cancer, Hepatitis, kidney disease

3.5. Neurological

3.5.1. pleasure center changes, increased stress levels, seizures, stroke

4. Prevention

4.1. By means of State/federal oversight of prescription medication usage

4.2. By providing Anti-drug advertisement

4.3. By Prosecuting pharmaceutical companies for hiding addictive effects

4.3.1. By prosecuting doctors who deal prescription drugs for nonmusical reasons

5. Goals

5.1. Reduction in unnecessary pain medication prescription by 50%

5.1.1. By educating public and doctors regarding addictive properties

5.1.2. providing detox treatment centers

5.1.3. over next decade

6. Requires Coalition

6.1. Including National Efforts

6.1.1. Help from FDA CDC DEA Media Policy Makers AMA

6.2. State Efforts

6.2.1. help from policy makers Insurance Agencies

6.3. Local Effotrts

6.3.1. help from community members policy Makers Healthcare providers