Techniques for Teaching Reading

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Techniques for Teaching Reading by Mind Map: Techniques for Teaching Reading

1. Elements

1.1. Grammar

1.2. Vocabulary

1.3. Phonetics

1.4. Spelling

1.5. Intellectual comprehension

2. The reading lesson consists of three steps

2.1. Motivation is to be creative

2.2. Presentations of Materials

2.2.1. Different methods Have the students read the whole selection Read the entire selection and then do an analysis. Read the first and last paragraph and then ask the students to guess.

3. Asking Comprenhension questions

3.1. the students to find answers while hey read.

3.1.1. Questions answerable by Yes or No, or True or False

3.1.2. Information questions (Who, What, When)

3.1.3. Questions that require the students to give an opinion

4. Rapid reading and reading by phrases

4.1. Key words

4.1.1. Choose a short passage and ask the students to point out the most important (key) words.

4.2. Talk and listen

4.2.1. Choose a portion of the dialogue from the Reading selection

4.3. v

4.4. The Strip story

4.4.1. Explain to the students what is involved in sequencing a stip story.

4.5. Reader’s theater

4.5.1. You can use a readers’ theater approach, assigning students to read the various roles.

4.6. Dialogues

4.6.1. If possible, change a part of the story into a short conversation and have two students act it out.

4.7. Crossword Puzzles

4.7.1. Create, or have the students help you create.

4.8. Sentences Prediction

4.8.1. Read the students a sentences from the story and ask them to guess the next sentence.