event at Tiananmen Square

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event at Tiananmen Square by Mind Map: event at Tiananmen Square

1. who

1.1. weeks of demonstrations and protests led Chinese troops to fire on civilians. Estimates of the death toll range from several hundred to thousands. It has been estimated that as many as 10,000 people were arrested during and after the protests.

2. what

2.1. On June 2nd, unarmed troops surrounded Tiananmen Square to warm people and crackdown on them. June 3rd and 4th armed troups entered Tiananmen Square and started to fire at civilians. Tanks arrived and violent protesting students set them on fire. In the following weeks, any person involved in the pro-democracy demonstrations was arrested.

3. where

3.1. Tiananmen Square in China

4. when

4.1. June 4, 1989

5. why

5.1. General Secretary of the Communist Party dies. The next day, thousands of students gather around Tiananmen Square to mourn his loss. Weeks pass and more people gather in grief. Students start protestingin demonstration and holding strikes such as hunger strikes. Teachers started joining their students. Millions marched the streets in protest while presidents were visiting.

6. Sources

6.1. Tiananmen Square Fast Facts

6.1.1. Tiananmen Square massacre What Really Happened at the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989?