Week 7 Year 4 lesson plan Summer Term 2019

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Week 7 Year 4 lesson plan Summer Term 2019 by Mind Map: Week 7 Year 4 lesson plan Summer Term 2019

1. PERIODS 1 and 2)

1.1. :review amounts of money (different denominations of naira and kobo

1.2. Set up labels for a class shop(items are in naira and kobo or pounds and pennies,among others) or create a shop with a partner using Scratch or set up a coffee shop Coffee Shop

1.2.1. The teacher shows the image of a shopping mall, they talk about where the goods come from and if the sellers make more money or less money. The children start out a role play of buying and selling of two or more items at the same time (if class shop is used). They create or add features to their Scratch game to allow buying and selling. The teacher talks about giving of change. A group/pair is allowed to roleplay this. They step up to the board to work out subtraction sentences involving giving of change from N100, N1000, N10,000, among others using column, expanded or Math Frog

1.3. Hook and Starter: The children sing song on Money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFzAU3u06Ps Can they remix the song for the local currency?


2.1. Multiplication and Division of Money

2.1.1. Hook and starter: The children sing the money song. The class set up the class shop: they receive multiple items from the teacher and fix the price tags They generate word problems for each set of items, following this format: Seven pens cost N219.94, what is the cost of one pen? The teacher models the division using RICE and asking volunteers to draw bars to show on the board



3.1.1. PROFIT AND LOSS Real World Application A letter is sent out inviting these parents (Mrs Sowunmi, Mrs Akin-Ayodele, Mrs Akinseye) (a week to the class) them to share real world application of profit and loss The children talk about their shopping adventures, ask questions and engage these parents on the interpretation of profit and loss