Adopt Veeva CRM as the new CRM tool for Sales Teams

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Adopt Veeva CRM as the new CRM tool for Sales Teams by Mind Map: Adopt Veeva CRM as the new CRM tool for Sales Teams

1. Plan schedule on a weekly basis

1.1. Don't know who to plan with! -> Use MCCP

1.1.1. MCCP metrics: Planned, etc.

1.2. Don't know if you'll have scheduling conflicts! -> Review weekly schedule

1.2.1. Can overlay with Outlook calendar

2. Update Veeva CRM data

2.1. Veeva CRM Data is outdated! -> Sync Veeva

2.1.1. Syncing regularly ensures data is current and shortens load times

2.1.2. Home screen offers info around latest changes and Veeva status

2.2. Can't find a customer! -> Use GAS

2.2.1. More details will focus the results

2.3. Find outdated customer data! -> Submit DCR

2.3.1. You can edit some fields without approval

2.3.2. Add details to a DCR to facilitate approval

3. Review customer data prior to visits

3.1. Don't know what recent messages and interactions the customer has received! -> Review call history and timeline

3.1.1. Helps you keep aligned with other colleagues

3.2. What if the customer's not there? -> Review contact information

4. Record visit details and discussion

4.1. Don't want to forget what you've discussed! -> Open Call Report

4.1.1. Have many different sections to log your call report

4.2. Discussed a product with another stakeholder present! -> Add attendees

4.2.1. Icons show different activities in Timeline

4.2.2. Can access report of each activity by tapping

5. Use the iPad as primary CRM device while on the field

5.1. Never used an iPad before! -> Learn gestures

5.2. Don't want to be interrupted while in front of a customer! -> Control notifications

5.3. Get lost with too many apps! -> Organise apps

5.4. Need to report an issue! -> Take a screenshot