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defectum by Mind Map: defectum

1. this planet-society will look more like the future as it develops and the robots keep building and building it started off looking like a old planet it used to be scraps everywhere and tools.then the robots got programmed to use the tools to build and build stuff to make there planet look like the future real quick

2. my society developed from darkyines slaves he made the robots programmed so they could work for him and develop his other creations and make cites and towns.

3. the name of the leader and the founder of the planet is darkyine.he has created these programmed used to be humans robots.they knew they used to be humans and remember there past but they cant do anything about it because there programmed to work for darkyine like slaves.

4. planet name-echo

5. form of government is dictatorship

6. time:1240

7. everybody on this dystopian planet-society will have the same name but different numbers for example echo 432718.

8. in this society- planet they don't drink,eat,party have families or no friends,its very strict there.they are programmed to just work when darkyine made them he made them just only to work and to not have any feelings.

9. they don't value anything over there only purpose is to work for there king.

9.1. they have very advanced technology because they are robots and they creatsed it