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vibrations by Mind Map: vibrations

1. setting:on erath in the year of 20396 after the great corn war.

1.1. A societiy were there is no lies.the liers will be punishd badliy and the world will be happy.

2. socitey was found by claminta .S dieya. after being lied to for 3 years bye his wife he fond out she was cheating and killed her.he then spent 50 years in prison.after he got out he mad something to keep him alive forever.then the vibration movement started.the vibration movement keeps everyone from lieing as soon as you are born you are implamented with a vibration. everytime you lie you vibrate and the goverment comes to kill you and if you try to take it out you explod. he did this to creat a socieity with no more lies.

3. values:There will be no lieing everyone will be truthfull and happy.

4. Goverment: Dictatorship

5. Daily life:liveing in this socitey is pretty easy trough out the day there are about 6,000 peapol kill for lies and most of them are kids.

6. do to so many peapol dieing we have mad a new robot syestom witch produces sperm and every mother has about 10 kids from one machien.

7. The world is the same in laws and fredom for adult like the 21st sentry but for kids as soon as you turn 13 you are an adult.

8. a problem that the gov has is that there is alot of death form peapol just jokeing around saying things like im ritch.and since the goverment systom is ran bye one person and alot of nano tecnolegie they dont know the deffrincs bettwen real and jokeing.

9. the saying that they always say is "one vibration puts your life away."

9.1. this describ the society by saying there is no such thing as second chansis.