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Secretary by Mind Map: Secretary

1. History

1.1. derived from the latin word 'secernere'

1.1.1. was a person overseeing business confidentially, usually for a powerful individual common with modern duties literal meaning of the title still holds true

2. Duties

2.1. Phone system

2.1.1. answer the phone in a polite tone be prepared to address client questions etc the stuff etc.

2.2. Event manger

2.2.1. excellent organisational skills to monitor and manage their employer's event calendar scheduling and reminding of important meetings

2.3. Computer operations

2.3.1. computer skills are required create? edit and print documents create and maintain spreadsheets Internet research to use computer software

2.4. Filing

2.4.1. responsible for organizing office files and information must become adept at whatever system

2.5. Maintaining office equipment

2.5.1. use other office equipment besides the computer how to load paper how to fix paper jams how to replace ink and toner how to troubleshoot simple repairs

2.6. Accounting

2.6.1. may pay bills from company funds send invoices perform budgeting duties perform payroll tasks

2.7. Mail / package delivery

2.7.1. often in charge of mail and other delivers send, receive and sort mail for the office schedule pick-ups for pack that need to be sent sign for packages being delivered

3. Introduce

3.1. assume several responsibilities to keep office environment running smoothly

3.2. first person customers and clients encounter

3.3. should have outgoing personality and excellent customer-service skills

3.4. organisational skills and expertise in operating other office equipment