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1. Epic

1.1. Story in verse of the adventures of a medieval hero whose virtues are extolled

2. Short novel

2.1. literary work in prose in which a feigned action is recounted, with the participation of characters and plots conceived by the author.

3. Legend

3.1. Short narration of traditional, mysterious or wonderful events that is transmitted orally or in writing. Legends, by Bécquer

4. Sing of gesta

4.1. Extensive narration, usually in verse, of a heroic character or a people in which qualities and wonderful aspects are exalted.

5. MONOLOGO Discurso que mantiene una persona consigo misma, como si pensase en voz alta. Since I have memories of friends and colleagues I heard them say on several occasions these statements: "my mom is the best cook in the world", "your food is unparalleled", "nowhere have I eaten the same" and other similar. The truth is that this is very subjective, as a child I never discussed this and accepted it; already in adolescence I accepted invitations from my friends to their houses and ate what the lady on duty served me ... and I could never appreciate the goodness of their delicacies. In some houses I used to abuse the good lady of seasonings or salt or leave food half raw or something I did not like compared to other houses. Of course in the end, when my friend on duty asked me about the culinary qualities of his mother, I politely told him that he was right when he praised his mother, although on some occasions I had eaten the bad for not disdaining the goodness of the good lady; and he would not let me invite again. Today, many years later, and already with few friends because some left the town, others from the country and enough of this life, I still hear some bitter, dissatisfied with his wife because he does not cook like his mother: "how he cooked my mom there is no equal ". And there are also those who talk about the delights of the grandmother, there are even restaurants that offer the dishes of the venerable lady. Well, some will say, and this one who writes, why do not you talk about the mother's dishes? The reason is very simple, my dear mother never cooked, sometimes my father did it but we almost always had domestic help, but My wife is the best cook in the world.

6. DIALOGO Discurso que mantiene una persona consigo misma, como si pensase en voz alta. Good day. - Good day. How can I help? - I need two kilos of bread, please. - Two kilos of bread. Are here. Anything else? - Nothing else. How much do I owe you? - Thirty pesos. - Here you go. - Thank you. Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.