Ambassador Program

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Ambassador Program by Mind Map: Ambassador Program

1. Perks

1.1. FB Hangout w/ Nik & Amy (or whomever)

1.2. Access to teaching videos w/ Chris (from prior recordings)

1.3. PDF Articles on skills, tips, ideas

1.4. Discounts for online events

1.5. Access to Zoom calls with various THRIVE leaders

1.5.1. Nik, Amy, Charles Spoelstra, Misa

1.6. Private FB Group

1.6.1. Amy & Nik agree to stop by a few times a week to answer questions/respond to posts

2. Timing

2.1. Announce at July 2019 Thrive

2.2. August Promos

2.2.1. Promote via FB and emails

2.3. September launch

3. Expectations

3.1. Promote THRIVEtoday at church and in small groups

3.2. Be well versed in 19 Relational Skills and applying them in life

3.3. Attend 1 THRIVEtoday training in person and 1 online training per year

3.4. Work to invite and share promos with connections

4. Tasks Needing to be Accomplished for Program to Operate

4.1. Create member login on website - "Ambassador Portal"

4.2. Create FB group

4.3. Create monthly emails to be sent to these individuals

4.4. Content to be curated and created

4.4.1. PDFs to be shared/downloaded

4.4.2. Videos pulled

4.5. Contact leaders to see if they will participate in group and Zoom discussions

4.6. Decide on discount pricing (% or $ amount)