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PITCH by Mind Map: PITCH

1. Can you draw a contour of the melody? (4-8 bars and indicate what section)

2. Are there any harmonies? How are they created and used?

3. Are there any key changes?

4. What is the tonality? Major/minor? (Happy or sad)

5. What is the key signature? (You may use your device to look this up) What sharps and flats are in this key signature?

6. Can you hear any melodic ostinatos. Where/when/what are they doing?

7. Is there are consistent or irregular harmonic structure? (the chord progression)

8. Is the pitch high or low? Can you explain why? (voice/instrument type)

9. Are there any drastic changes in pitch through the song?

10. What instrument plays the main melody?

11. Is there more than one melody?