Trade and Business in the Arctic Region

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Trade and Business in the Arctic Region by Mind Map: Trade and Business in the Arctic Region

1. Arctic Countries (Roles and Responsibilities)

1.1. Russia

1.2. USA

1.3. Canada

1.4. Norway

1.5. Denmark (Greenland)

1.6. Sweden

1.7. Finland

1.8. Iceland

2. Arctic International Organisations (Purpose of establishment, duties performed till date and future plans and objectives)

2.1. Arctic Council

2.2. Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region

2.3. The Five Arctic Ocean Coastal States

2.4. International Maritime Organization

2.5. The World Winter Cities Association for Mayors

3. Regional Organisations (Local bodies regulating trade and business relationships, overseeing social factors, life of local population)

3.1. The Nordic Council

3.2. Barents Euro-Arctic Council

3.3. Pacific Northwest Economic Region: Arctic Caucus

3.4. The Northern Forum

3.5. The Youth Arctic Coalition

4. Natural Resources (Description of major natural resources found in the ares, their uses and value in the local and international market)

4.1. Minerals

4.2. Sand

4.3. Precious Stones

4.4. Natural Gas

4.5. Petroleum

5. Environmental Concerns and problems in the region

5.1. Global Warming

5.2. Rising sea level

5.3. Melting ice

5.4. Destruction of aquatic and terrestial life

6. Advantages of melting ice in the region

6.1. New trade routes

6.1.1. Northwest Passage

6.1.2. Northern Sea Route

6.1.3. Central Arctic Route

6.2. Tapping of abundant natural resources

6.3. Shorter trade routes and less cost